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At Living 4 Bliss we aim to help you discover your soul purpose through following your excitement. In doing so life becomes blissful!

At Living 4 Bliss we specialise in helping you discover your soul purpose through following your bliss. Positive feelings such as bliss are communications from your soul letting you know that you are on the right path, that you are on the journey you came here for. The more you follow the bread crumb trail of your excitement the more joyful your natural state of being becomes.

Karla uses a variety of techniques such as past life regression to help you remove any blocks and align with your bliss more fully.

Jonathan channels information from his guides on aligning with your excitement and also shares from personal experience. Jonathan also teaches channeling so you can connect with your own inner guidance.

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Workshop from Karla: The soul coach workshop.

Workshop from Jonathan: Learn to channel.

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Positive feelings such as joy, excitement, bliss, love and peace are communications from our soul that we are on the right path. It is like our soul saying yes this is what you came here to do, you are in alignment with what is best for you and all those involved. It is your shortest path to creating the life of your dreams. Often this can take us in directions that don’t seem to make any sense from our point of view but our higher self has a wider perspective and always directs us on the fastest path to our dreams!


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